Deer Skull pt.1

The current costume I am working on is a bipedal monster with a deer skull for the head. Unfortunately, I started this project before I started this blog. Therefore, the beginning is undocumented. To sum up how I created the base for the skull mask, I started with a mask that fits over the eyes and nose. All that is needed is a 99 cent mask from a craft store. I took craft foam and created a band going around my head and above it. To make the skull, I took measurements from a skull I found in the woods that I cleaned up. I wanted the skull to be proportional so I figured out how big my head is and how big the brain cavity of the deer skull is. Then, I calculated how much bigger the cavity needed to be to fit my head. I suck at explaining math but I used proportions to size it right. It took a few days to decide what to make the antlers out of. I eventually decided on tinfoil and strong magnets. The magnets are going to be placed in the "caves" I created on the s

Needle Feltie Fox

Hey everyone! Today I decided to make a tutorial on needle felting this cute fox I made! It is up for purchase on my website. You can find the link in the drop-down menu on the home page of my blog. Just a forewarning, needle felting can cause injury to your fingers and hands if your'e not careful. I don't recommend young kids doing this. So to begin you will need: - A needle felting needle - A needle felting mat -Wool in the colors you chose to use * I also recommend getting finger guards so you don't poke your self These are the colors I chose to use for my fox. To start, your going to want to chose a base color for your feltie. I chose a medium brown but the under color wont matter as much depending on how much you plan on adding on top. After choosing your color you will make a general shape of the fox.  Start poking your shape over and over again until your shape starts to take form. To make the ears, pull apart a piece of

Cosplay at Comicon 2018

This weekend me and my boyfriend went to comicon. I wore a wonder woman costume I spent all summer making! My boyfriend didn't dress up but he did carry around a giant sword called Dragonslayer I made him. It is from a manga series called Berzerk.  In total the sword is 6'4'' and got a lot of attention. We couldn't go 5 minutes with out hearing someone say something about it. Someone even asked to buy one off of me! That inspired me to make a website for custom cosplay props. Check it out here  Hannah's Cosplay and Crafts . Me and my boyfriend even made it onto a news website

A little about me

Hi. My name is Hannah and love to make things! I have a cat named Cinnamon and shes my baby! On this blog I will be showing all the cosplay, needle felting and all other cool projects and art I make! Iv'e been doing all sorts of arts and crafts for as long as I can remember and have recently decided to try and do something with it, even if its just something small. Check out my website Hannah's Cosplay and Crafts  for more info on how to order needle felted figures and cosplay props! BTW the cat in the picture is Cinnamon. She is my baby!